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Today I’m rounding up another edition of Coffee Talk! Thank you all for your questions and these are very specific so I’ll dive right in and please keep commenting or sending me notes via Snapchat and Instagram on all your questions. Here we go!

What skin protector do I use for winter running?

I use a cross terrain skin protector from Kiehl’s. It says it’s for men but I think it is just fine to use on my skin and I’ve stopped feeling like my skin is getting wind burnt in the winter. I also love this reflective running jacket (fits true to size) and this headwarmer for the colder mornings.

How did I design my Nike iDs?

Nike iD is finally available in Canada! While it’s been available for my US friends for a while, we are so happy it is here. You can read all about how to design your own here and please feel free to tag me in what you’ve styled! Cannot WAIT!

Where is my grey beanie from?

Ahhh so many of you have asked me about this on Snapchat and Instagram. I love that you love this simple knit beanie as much as I do. It’s super affordable and from Forever21 (and it comes in cream too). I’m going to do a round up of my favorite beanies for you since you’ve all had such awesome feedback. Thank you so much!

What is my lipstick combo from Snapchat (username: lexniko)?

Yay! Another item that you guys truly loved, thank you! I seriously love Snapchat and how much you all interact so please keep it coming, I love answering all your questions. My lipstick I’ve been sporting is a Mac Cosmetics combo of Touch and Stone.

Where is your pink jacket from Instagram?

I’ve had this jacket since the spring and I loved transitioning it for winter with cozy knits. I’ll feature the full look on the blog soon but for now you can get the jacket here and it is also available in a number of colors so make sure you check out the link. This beauty also fits true to size and I am wearing a size Small. It’s sold out for now in the pink in Sm but not to worry, I think it’s a staple in their collection so I’m sure they’ll restock soon!

Quick & easy coffee talk today :). Thank you all for your questions, please keep them coming.

Have an amazing Friday and a wonderful weekend.

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