Coachella for Basics.

Countdown to Coachella is ON and so I had to bring on a podcast guest who is an expert in all things #Chella.

I met the gorgeous Michelle – @michelleinfusino – the last time I was in LA and shot with her for a day.

We quickly hit it off and I have been stalking her ever since.

Beyond her gorgeous Mila Kunis looks, she has one of the sweetest personalities and little did I know before I interview, she is wise as all h*ll and gave some kick ass advice.

We chat Coachella: what to pack, how to score last minute tickets and what to know about facing a day in the desert.

We chat fitness: Michelle reveals her secret workout when she only has 15-30 minutes to get it done and you will be shocked at her trick.

We chat relationships: Again, I need a seasoned sounding board for relationship advice and I have a feeling we will be having Michelle on again for even more relationship revelations.

So give it a listen and if you LOVE it, which I know you will, be sure to Subscribe on iTunes and give us 5 Stars.

Also check out Michelle’s Instagram here and join our new private Ya, We’re Basic. Instagram while you’re over there.

Be sure to stay glued to the ‘gram you guys, there will be SO MUCH Coachella and California goodness coming you’re way.

DM me what you think I need to see and do, x.

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