the one where chris evans got instagram

Hi it’s me lex niko! This week on the pod we’re reviewing the series Never Have I Ever and I give my halfway point thoughts on Hollywood (both on Netflix). Then I share my homework for TV consumption which includes the rom com The Half of It and finishing the Prime Video series Upload. Jesus I watch way too much tv in quarantine.

Then we dive right in to a long sequence of HOT GOSS where we’re talking everything from Chris Evans getting IG, to Gigi Hadid confirming her pregnancy and Harry and Meghan’s new authorized biography. We take the week home with a discussion around Scott Disick, The KarJenners and TMZ and wrapping up the Hot Goss in a pretty bow is a TV recap/celeb news crossover where we get The Bieber’s new show on Facebook Watch.

A LOT TO UNPACK. So get your headphones and airpods and ear buds ready. And if you like what you hear be sure to rate 5 Stars, subscribe and leave a review.

love you, mean it, ok bye.

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