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Checking in on #3yeargoals

img_6124Good morning my beautiful angels. Hope you’re all easing in to the pace that fall is bringing and back to school has gone off without a hitch! This is my first week slowing things down after a crazy busy summer and I am delighted but also feeling like my mind and body aren’t sure what to do with the time. Do you ever find that when you give yourself a minute to breathe you actually become less productive? I definitely do and tend to notice there is a fine line between recharging and becoming a vegetable which is probably why I never sit still for too long to begin with!img_6131 img_6117

This is also probably why I’m obsessed with writing, recording and reassessing my goals all the time and thought we should check in on my #3yeargoals. If you haven’t read my previous posts, I suggest you do as I’m sharing a very personal side of my life and taking you behind-the-scenes of where I see myself over the next few years.

If you don’t have the time to read it then full disclosure here: I can’t be sure kids or a family will be a part of my life in the short term and before I commit to that priority, I am eager to achieve a few things first which is why understanding your options for contraception is so important and why woman should educate themselves about what they’re using and why.img_6131

Let’s recap my three year goals below:

  1. Take care of my health: mind + body. As I mentioned, I travel a lot and I feel at times that it makes me super run down, groggy and overall unhealthy. I’m committing to a happier heart and body by ensuring fitness and meditation are a part of my routine when I’m at home and especially away.
  2. Buy a house. I am eager to own my own property whether I’m living in it or not. It’s something that I have yet to do and I am excited at the thought of learning the responsibilities of being a homeowner.
  3. Live in another country. Before I have kids and settle I definitely feel I need to live/work elsewhere and experience a different setting both for my personal growth and career growth. Even moving to the US for a few years would offer such a different experience than living where I was born and raised and I think I would benefit greatly from this.
  4. Be grateful. I want to commit to being grateful and thankful for my whole life. I have such a wonderful life, full of the most brilliant people and I never ever want to take that for granted. Whether it’s taking a friend or family member for lunch or acknowledging my opportunities through prayer, I want to ensure I am always recognizing how fortunate I am.
  5. Pay off my debts. Now this one goes hand in hand with my second goal, but I do want to continue to pay off my student debts and be financially smarter for both my savings and personal gain. Understanding where you are financially is not a hard thing to do but it can be tough to swallow at times (like when those Louboutins are calling your name) but it gives me such peace of mind knowing where I’m at financially and I want to better understand where I can go because of it.img_6158

These, like me, are a work in progress and I’m not going to get there overnight. Which is why I’m getting so personal and opening up about where I see myself and the potential for a family in the future. Of course life can through us curveballs but all we can do is try our best to plan properly and as I said above, educate ourselves on how to do so.

And no matter what we should remind ourselves that goals can change, priorities shift and life is such an exciting unknown. I encourage you all the set a few #3yeargoals and join me on September 26th for World Contraception Day by highlighting and sharing those goals and perhaps learn a little about how to get there as well. I know I’m eager to continue understanding my options and putting my goals out there has kept me focused on what I’m working toward and motivates me to get out of bed every morning. I hope it does the same for you and would love to hear of any goals that you’re planning and working toward!img_6148

*This post is sponsored by birthcontrolforme.ca but opinions are my own. Thanks as always for supporting sponsored content.

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