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Quick little post today because I began the week with a terrible migraine and I JUST CANNOT.

Despite not feeling physically productive, I was forced to stay indoors which allowed me to catch up on emails between necessary breaks away from my screen.

My coworker actually suggested tumeric which was so helpful and while I only took a shot of it today, I am definitely going to look in to capsules for future migraine emergencies.

So there’s a little tip for you, yea? Have you tried this?

Let me know, I’m so curious if the capsules work even better than a shot.

I’ll report back once I try it myself.

Today I have a fab little look styled around my new favorite eyewear from Bonlook.

I am obsessed with these bold, white frames and they’re not something I’d typically pick for myself.

I have to admit I love how they contrast with my dark hair (and tan in these photos) and I kept this look cozy with this oversized cashmere cardigan and high-waisted jeans.

So all-in-all this is one of those easy peasy, everyday looks that was actually so fitting for a day like today when outfit planning was not top of mind.

Glasses | Cardigan (also love this one) | Camisole (adore this one too) | Denim | Booties (similar and 40% off)

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    February 28, 2017 at 9:08 am

    Love these glasses on you girl! Hope you feel better. I use this amazing headache balm for my migraines by Leaves of Trees based in Toronto. It has Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lavender and comes in a small tin which is great for headaches/migraines that come on while you’re on the go! It doesn’t help for all migraines all the time, but it’s something I’ve kept in my migraine kit for a while now.


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