Celebrity Second Hand Embarrassment

I am literally cringing at the quality of this podcast episode and at the celebrity news that I have to report.

First off, I am recording this at the airport and I tried to isolate myself but for WHATEVER reason the most annoying people have chosen to talk on their phone, sit directly beside me or engage in conversation right in front of my face.

I am obviously exaggerating but still, the sound quality of this episode is subpar and I am frequently distracted because I feel awkward with these mouth breathers listening in on my recording.

So SORRY – I almost didn’t release it but I must because there is so much to discuss this week and no one is going to hold me down!

We are talking Kanye and Van Lathan, Michael B. Jordan and apparently the show I’ve been missing out on for years, Southern Charm.

I hope you enjoy what I’m saying over how I’m saying it (awkwardly and like I’m severely uncomfortable) but my points are there.

Enjoy the second hand embarrassment – for the celebrity stories and also for myself.

I need your encouragement any way I can get it this week – so if you’re feeling extra sassy then you should also join the Ya, We’re Basic Instagram.

And as always please hit up iTunes, rate 5 Stars and write a glowing review from a general podcast perspective not this episode.

Love you, mean it, x!

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