Canada’s 150th with Amazon

We are headed in to the Long Weekend and I for one can’t wait to kick things off!

I was feeling a little festive so I decided to what better way to get in the spirit than some red & white donuts.

Canadians loveeee their donuts – I am not 100% sure but I feel like it’s debatable that they were invented in Canada…so let’s just stick with that fact for the purpose of this post HA!

Getting prepped was easy thanks to the help of my friends at Amazon.

I needed all the fixings – donut trays, cooling racks, parchment paper and food coloring.

To mix things up, I bought the large and mini donut trays and found this recipe from the Wilton website.

I then tried to out the Galaxy Donuts frosting method which took me a few tries to master and not going to lie using red and white icing didn’t always turn out so pretty!

These might not all be Pinterest worthy but they were yummy so WHO REALLY CARES?!

And seriously, they really did turn out delicious…I was totally into the nutmeg undertones and the fact that the actual donuts weren’t too sweet.

The frosting was simple powder sugar, vanilla and almond milk and it added the perfect complement of sweetness to the baked cake donuts.

Let me know if you try these, they were much easier than I expected (minus the glazing) and I cannot wait to make another batch!

Happy Birthday Canada! Hope you all get to celebrate this weekend!

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