call me mrs. jefferson.

i’m moving on up. although not to the east side, to downtown central.  durrh.

friday i got together with miss v. to plan out the decor of my soon to be condo. we are looking to mix 19th century french meets modern chic. if you read my tweets from earlier this week, you’d know that i had the best time at the antique show at sherway gardens. i found a mirror that can only be described as absolute perfection to plan my theme around.

 the bf’s auntie is an antique dealer and she knew the owner of this piece. because of her i got the priced knocked down tenfold. it only made the find that much better. 

i also have a few finds from the parentals that will add to the modern theme. i am taking a couple black leather couches and a rad marble coffee table. its unique because its two triangles, both different heights, that come together to make a square. its very nouveau urban which is ironic bc we’ve had it since i was a little tyke. seriously, i used to sit and use the corner as a pacifier. or so i’ve been told slash have seen in photos.

these are just a few tidbits, i will be checking in to update you on our journey as we look for more french antiques and modern uniques. miss v is actually the greatest interior designer i know. she can decorate on a dime and find pieces that reflect your character.

i knew she was the best person to ask & i am so pumped to decorate and design with her. i am going to try to keep a photo blog of our trips out, so that you can all see how we do from beginning to end.

what do you think of my ideer? is it going to be hard to combine two different themes? comment & let me know.

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