cabbage soup for the soul…liver, kidneys, colon?

So its officially the new year and as reward for completing the obstacle that is the holiday season, I have finally been able to relax. And with relaxation (i.e not going out, not drinking, not spending all my money) comes cleansing.

bye bye fun.
Yesterday I started a detox. I was quite afraid but I showed the book to my crazy walk-in doctor lady (she’s legit nuts) and she agreed that it would be beneficial considering my susception to illness. Perhaps some internal cleansing might do this body good.
While I would’ve been fine to rush out and have a colonic performed – that’s another post.
This detox is sweet because its phases are completed in 4-day modules, making it really easy to perform. AND the most amazeballs part is that I don’t have to drink veggie-only juices, or weird powders mixed with milk that taste like paste. This detox is real fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein and my personal fav MEAT – so essentially healthy food.
Now let me paint a picture for you: for someone who’s diet consists of pasta, pizza delivery & Delissio – I don’t discriminate — Doritos and poutine, eating “healthy” might as well be anorexia. This is NOT going to be easy, but I made it through day one and I am happy to say despite feeling completely unsatisfied I actually feel good today and I am hoping by the end of this first module I’ll lose some mayjah cravings I get on the reg.
The book is called The 4-day Diet by Dr. Ian Smith, and can be used by peeps looking to lose weight, but also if you’re just looking for a way to reintroduce super foods into your diet. If you want more info on how its going or any challenges e-mail me: imalittle.blog@gmail.com.

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