Buy A Lady A Drink

If you frequent my Instagram (which I hope you do) then you know I’ve been majorly working to bring awareness to the Buy A Lady A Drink initiative.

If you aren’t familiar with what I’m talking about let me tell you:

Buy A Lady A Drink is a partnership program between Stella Artois and which drives awareness to the global water crisis in developing countries. 

Now with today being World Water Day, let me give you some facts on why this is so important.

Over 660 million people across the world live without daily access to safe water. I was actually shocked to learn that fact and it just did not sit well with me.

Can you imagine not having the luxury of clean water? To drink, bath and brush your teeth?

We are so fortunate and that’s why I am so drawn to this program. Not only because I know how lucky I am but also because there are people who have given us a way to do something and impact change.

Can I also mention that this initiative stood out for me when I learned that in order to actually get safe water, it is the women in the developing areas who spend an average of six hours a day traveling to collect clean water for their families.


You guys, all of this info really punched me in the gut.

I get to spend six hours of my day blogging: playing dress up, taking pictures and writing about the things that inspire me.

Can you imagine what these women could do for their families and communities if they had the time?

Thinking about these women’s potential and learning about the Buy A Lady A Drink program really opened my eyes and I am eager to bring awareness to how we can make an impact.

For the first time, Canadians can help support the initiative by purchasing one of three Limited-Edition Chalices which I’ve been sharing on my Instagram. For every Limited-Edition Chalice sold, Stella Artois will help provide five years of clean water for those in the developing world.

These chalices are gorgeous and sentimental, featuring unique designs by three influential artists – Lisa Mam from Cambodia, Fernando Chamerelli from Brazil and Eria Nsubuga from Uganda.

Each design reflects the artist’s experience and artistic interpretation of the global water crisis in their country and represents one of the countries where provides support.

I encourage you to Buy A Lady A Drink and purchase a Limited-Edition Chalice from your local LCBO or the BALAD site here.

We can make a difference for these countries and these women.

I for one want to be a part of that and I know after learning more you definitely will want to as well!

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