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Did everyone have a good weekend?

Mine was full of birthdays, baseball and my little monkey got an eye infection. We got him some drops and he’s doing OK but I hope he doesn’t have to get a cone because he will hate it!

I wanted to share a great conversation I had on Twitter with a couple of ladies (follow me here and them here and here) about working with brands, specifically pitching on partnership ideas.

I am always happy to pitch ideas and as I said on Twitter, the blogger/influencer/content creator should be coming up with content and a strategic direction of how they can partner with the brand. But lately I have only been pitching ideas once we agreed to work together as I’ve had ideas stolen and it’s jaded me slightly from sharing.

These ladies, who are on the brand side, expressed the importance of sharing your ideas when you pitch so that you’re upfront about the content you want to create together. It was such a simple concept – be upfront with your ideas and show the brand what you can create from the first pitch.

I was so protective of my ideas from previous experiences I wasn’t thinking about it from the brand’s perspective. And from the brand’s perspective they want to see what you can do before they commit to a partnership. It makes total sense and I was spending so much time thinking about protecting my content, I wasn’t putting myself in the brand’s shoes and was expecting them to essentially take a chance on me when I only had one foot in the door.

It was such an eye-opening conversation and I am grateful to be surrounded by inspiring, smart women who are willing to help one another and offer advice and honest opinions. I thought it was a nice way to kick off the week and get inspired to keep growing. I hope this was helpful as I love to learn from brands and other bloggers, so I was curious if you’re interested in me sharing more tips on blogging or the business of it all?

You can Tweet me or leave a comment below to let me know – Happy Monday Littles!

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