Beauty Review: Goody Canada Products

Littles, littles, littles, we have been through this before. My hair. It’s my thing. And at times it drives me craaaazy {yes, I hope you’re singing Britney Spears right now, whipping your hair back & forth…cause that’s what I’m doing}. 
Anyway as you all know, sometimes I need a bit of help taming my coiffe. And as luck would have it, this is exactly what I got a few weeks ago. A couple of hair heroes from Goody Canada came forward and assisted in my journey to hair nirvana. Through a cosmic connection via Twitter, I was sent a package of products to help ease my styling routine.
Here’s the low-down on what I tested out:
  • Quik Style Comb
  • Quik Style Paddle Brush
  • Double Wear Elastic Bracelets
  • Select-A-Curl Self Holding Rollers
These products were wonderful to try out.  I am in love with this paddle brush. I call it towel-drying 2.0 because the tiny towel bristles absorb so much more water then the average hair brush. It definitely speeds up my time under the drying and that is a huge plus in my busy life. The Quik Style comb is great for getting knots out of my early morning bed head and to smooth out any kinks with my hair straightener.
With the recent #armswag craze over Twitter and Instagram, these double wear elastics could not be more timely. I always struggled to hide my elastic under a mountain of bangles & bracelets and now I don’t have to. These cute elastics are the perfect accessory on the wrist or wrapped up in a ponytail. And best of all they are the perfect thickness for my hair. I have gotten so many compliments on these bad boys, I hope they come out with even more styles; I can see them going fast.
The last product I tested out was the Self Holding Rollers. These were a necessity for me, as I travel a lot for work & play and these rollers were made to travel. They start out flat and you roll them in to the roller of your size & liking {see the gorgeous photo below}. Because my hair is long & thick, sometimes my roots need a little boost and these did just the trick. While I have always been a fan of the classic Goody roller, the fact that I can disassemble these for travel just made my life that much easier
So there you have it. I am genuinely so impressed with the products, though I’m not surprised: Goody Canada has been the leader in hair accessories & styling tools for some time now. I only wish I was able to share my great finds with you* but still, I am so serious when I say you need to go out & get these products ASAP. They are time savers, life changers and cute & compact to boot. They checked all the requirements off my list and I’m happy to have them in my updated hair care routine.
Have you tried any of these products? Share your thoughts in the comment section!
*I smell a contest coming on…but I guess you’ll have to wait & see!

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