Basics + Break Ups with Naz Perez

Have you ever stalked someone on the internet so hard that you truly believe you’re friends with them?

Well I have with this mega babe, Naz Perez and she was gracious enough to sit down with me on the Ya, We’re Basic. podcast before she got a restraining order.

We run down the best celebrity couple news stories of the week, talk about her life as a producer-turned-on-camera host and answer your questions about her career and path.

She’s also a major sports junkie like yours truly so we review her expert LA thoughts on Lebron James, the fashion of sports and how Metta World Peace changed the fashion of the NBA.

I get the inside scoop on her I Don’t Get It podcast co-host Ashley Iaconetti (sister Lauren Iaconetti’s a co-host too) and she dives in to her passion project, Heartbroken Anonymous which happens to be my favorite subject of this episode.

I’ve got to say this one is well worth the listen and we had such an easy time running through so many good topics that I hope to have her on again soon!

Also FYI: If you live in LA and are curious the next Heartbroken Anonymous is Friday the 13th at 8 PM, at the Open Space in LA.

It is completely free and you can reserve a spot now.

While you’re listening to this week’s ep, be sure to click on the link here to rate and review the podcast with FIVE STARS on iTunes.

As always thanks for listening GFF’s.

Love you, mean it, BYE!


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