Fast Five: How to Jump Back into Your Routine

Summer has been a whirlwind, I honestly cannot believe that it’s come and gone already. With that being said, I always look forward to the fall because it’s a new year’s celebration of sorts: school’s starting again, summer hours are over and it’s a great time to check in with your goals. 

I feel like the end of August has people going crazy, trying to soak in the last few days of summer and with that I have heard from a ton of people how their typical routines fall to the wasteside. I even had a girlfriend tell me she was one of three people in a usually packed workout class. 

This got me thinking that before we know it summer will be over and time to get back to our regularly scheduled programming. And what’s crazy is that the habits we built over the past year can very easily be broken in those dog days of summer so I’ve outlined five quick tips to get you back on track with your routine.

+ Schedule your workouts

I don’t mean tell yourself you’re going to work tomorrow, I mean block the time in your iCal, book the non-refundable class and at the very least get your ass to the gym even if you only plan on walking on the treadmill. Once you’re there, it’s more likely that you’ll actually do something over nothing.

+ Make a grocery list + meal prep

I have been loving using Pinterest lately to discover fast + simple recipes but what I’ve started to do when finding food inspiration is actually create my weekly list of meals that I can prep in advance for a few days of lunch and dinner. I’ll spend some time Sunday afternoon prepping my lunch and then make my Sunday night dinner that I can eat for a couple days after as well. It’s not super exciting but it helps me stick to healthy meals and save money in the process.

+ Delete your food delivery apps

Seriously this one can save you so much money! Especially after summer when we have a tendency to go out for food and drinks more and aren’t necessarily considering our financial budgets. I try to delete food delivery apps for a month or two after summer. Not only does it help save you money (we’ve seen the memes where these apps end up charging $100 for a french fry) but it also helps you get back on track eating wise as it forces you to get creative and make your own meals. 

+ Cut drinking during the week

Like I mentioned above when it’s summer in the city, if you’re anything like my friends and I when it was a nice day after work there was no stopping us from hitting up a patio. That means things had a tendency to get out of control whether it was Monday or Friday and that made for some rough days at the office. That being said once September hits it’s important to cut back on the booze and one way I find it easiest to do so, is limit my alcohol intake during the week. 

+ Get to bed at the same time every night

This one sounds a little weird but I find that toward the end of summer when you are running around and your hours are a bit crazy, it’s important to get back to a good sleep schedule – at least during the week. I know we all have a life and aren’t going to be headed to bed at the same time on Monday as say, a Saturday, but it is important to at least maintain a solid sleep schedule 3-5 nights a week while your body catches up and adjusts to your normal routine.

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