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The Bachelor Arie: Finale Feels


OK I just want to preface this by saying that I am seriously pissed about this finale and there will be A LOT of cap-locks in today’s post.

Not because I’m surprised AT ALL by what this show does or the decisions it makes in the name of juicy drama but OMFG.

Like drag Becca through the mud why don’t you?

We aren’t even done with this season (YES there are still TWO HOURS tonight) and this poor girl has been embarrassed enough to last a lifetime.

At this point they better be doing this to really build America’s sympathy for this girl because it is gutless.

Anyway – back to last night’s finale and not just my personal rant on the matter.

Here is the jist:

Arie was down to the final two women: Lauren aka Pure Vanilla and Becca aka Queen B.

After asking his parents who were just as utterly confused about who he should pick, he chose Becca even though their chemistry seems about as strong as a newborn’s grip.

Jump ahead to months after the show wrapped and we get lots of adorable, slow motion montages of Becca and Arie together IRL.

Well, that did not last long because Arie allegedly called Lauren once the show aired January 1st, they spoke, and continued to speak.

He realized he could not get Lauren out of his head which then brought us to this decision of the roommate switch aka let’s dump Becca and start things up again with Lauren.

Cut to them flying Becca to LA and she thinks it’s just to spend time in secret while the show airs and film a catch up of how they’re doing since the show ended.

She was allegedly completely blindsided by the nature of their meet up and that’s where we got last night’s “unedited live footage” of Arie ended their engagement to pursue Lauren.

I’m not sure if everyone saw but it was reported that cameras were at Lauren’s parents house earlier this year, likely to film Arie’s attempt at reconciliation.

From what I can gather after last night’s episode, Arie and Lauren are back together and there are even rumors of an engagement.

I have NO idea how this show plans to spin this sh*t because honestly these quickie engagements are an actual joke.

Guess we will have to tune in tonight to see what happens and how everything turns out.

Word is Becca has forgiven Arie (likely in preparation to be the Bachelorette) but holy sheezballs she dodged a major bullet by not marrying him and now she gets to be in the driver’s seat for next season!

YOU GUYS, all I can think is that I seriously hope Becca is The Bachelorette. Between her father passing away and seeing her incredible family during Hometowns, I really think she would make such a fantastic lead for the show.

AND LET’S BE HONEST, she will be WORLDS better than Arie ever was and they will 100% get an amazing group of guys for her to choose from.

What did YOU think of the finale?

And will you be watching tonight? If you do, join me over on Instagram Stories where we chat through the episode, x.


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    March 11, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    Thank you for fixing the problem!!!

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      March 12, 2018 at 8:43 am

      Hahaha not a total solve but venting helps!

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