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The Bachelor – Arie Episode 6 Recap

Can I preface this week’s ep by asking WTF WAS UP WITH THE REST OF THE SEASON PREVIEWS?

I don’t understand what’s happening but I feel like something is about to drop and we will be ending this season with some J U I C E.

Ok so Lauren B gets a 1:1 date to walk around Paris and she legit says WOW exclusively on camera.

Arie really needs her to open up and share, right?


He was like wait you’re 25 and blonde.

I love spending time with you and want to get to know you more and BOOM she got a rose.

Now we have a Moulin Rouge themed group date and despite being shy can I just say Tia continues to amaze me.

I just really f*cking love her and her southern charm. OMG WE SHOULD GET HER ON SOUTHERN CHARM.

It was also very refreshing to see Jenna sober and have fun during the Moulin Rouge show and I wish she came off this normal and confident sans the liquid courage earlier in the season.

Bekah wins and gets to perform in the evening show with Arie WHO BOTCHES IT.

It’s actually so embarrassing but I kind of enjoy it because I’m really just into mocking him this season and this scene made it super easy to do.

It was only a matter of time before Krystal went on a 2-on-1 date. I think this was the first 2-on-1 date of the season?

I can’t be sure but all I know is Krystal is on it and that is why I love this show.

Krystal does what she does best and becomes a total psycho and starts talking sh*t about Kendall to Arie.

Of course Arie tells Kendall and then the most interesting part of the episode happens.

Instead of being mean or angry with Krystal, Kendall pulls the MOST OG MOVE EVER.

The one and only manipulation move: She asks Krystal is she’s ok and TELLS HER SHE UNDERSTANDS AND HAS EMPATHY.

AND THEN, then she mic drops that Krystal might be projecting and she should be free to feel vulnerable and open up and show emotion.

IT IS INCREDIBLE. Now for anyone who was thinking Kendall was doing this out of the kindness of her heart. HA.

You have another thing coming. Kendall seriously just flipped the script.

Instead of getting flustered, she took a page out of Krystals namaste scrap book and turned the self-healing on her.

Applause all around. I was so impressed. And it clearly worked because Kendall got the rose, Krystal got sent home and all is finally right in the house.

Ok this last 1:1 Date –  JACQUELINE!!!

This is the girl who’s name I did not know – she’s getting a PHD?

Props girlfriend but you’re probably really busy. Are you studying while the cameras are in the house?

If you’re so off camera why are you on the damn show?

Anyway, they have a boring date and I do like what I learned about Jacqueline aka that she had a pulse of a personality and obvs ya she gets a rose.

This makes Arie’s job easy at the end of the night and the only person of significance that we say goodbye to is Chelsea.

Which brings me to this brand new disgusting revelation:

Arie MMMs when he hugs too! Saying goodbye to Chelsea he did the same thing.

He is literally on autopilot when it comes to breaking hearts and TBH Arie is just so f*cking lucky with the group of girls he Peter got and it’s a shame that they had to be wasted on this robot of a womanizer.

I’m going to end today’s post just saying I need to know where Tia got her jumpsuit. If anyone has any ideas, HIT ME UP!

Love my girl Tia – kick her off already so we can get her on the next gig. I AM READY FOR IT.

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