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The Bachelor – Arie Episode 2 Recap

Let’s dive right in here people. I have said it before and I’ll probably say it every intro, this is going to be a good season.

I am starting to understand why: Arie is here to play the game. If I noticed anything, I noticed just how adaptable he is to each of the ladies and how good he is at making them feel like the one. I can only assume this comes from years of practise being a grade A douche (allegedly) but it works so well for the show.

It also makes the ladies believe that they have the strongest connection with Arie and pegs them against one another even more than a regular boring Bachelor would. Which makes for excellent reality TV. And for that, I am happy that ABC picked Arie as the Bachelor.

I also have the inside scoop. My gf Courtney works with Rachel Zoe and was actually there the day they filmed Becca’s date.

Here’s what she said about Becca, “I dressed Becca in every outfit [during her day date with Arie + Rachel Zoe], I loved her. She was so nice and real and normal, she was genuinely starstruck and so happy.” 

OK so for me this genuine normalcy actually comes across on TV. I really get the sense that Becca is a level-headed, down-to-earth girl and even though I know these ladies all have a level of ulterior motive for being on the show, she does come off as being there ‘for the right reasons”.

Becca and Arie have a really relaxed chemistry and their date seemed very chilled out despite being a bit grandiose at times. I wasn’t surprised when she got the rose and I think she will definitely start to shine among the women as the crazies are beginning to show through.

Krystal has a really sad backstory. It works so well for the show and I give snaps to anyone who overcomes so much struggle and still maintains a positive disposition on life.

They had a great date and she held her own in front of his family (and would fit in perfectly looks-wise) but I don’t know if the girl who needs saving act will wear thin as she is coming off super clingy (keep in mind these people are good at edits) and fake.

My issue: I still cannot get over her voice and I know she is an upbeat person but holy jeez it comes off as very robotic when she speaks to Arie. I know from experience that someone that “nice” ultimately always has a breaking point, combined with the fact that she so clearly wants to be saved – these producers are going to push for her to snap and I’m interested to see how her story will play out.

“I’m simple. No drama. Easy to please.”

DUDES. The other Bekah is bringing it. And Arie is pretty down for her game.

I mean she is 12; one could argue that she has a lot less to lose. On the flip side she is also much more of a free spirit; again because she’s 12 and she’s acting fearless which Arie definitely finds sexy.

Example: she just flat out asked him, “Wanna kiss?” and went in for the kill, which, as the make out bandit, we know Arie is like #respect.

She plays it cool, and comes off really cool and she is currently a frontrunner in my books so long as Arie or producers don’t press on the age gap too much toward the end (but knowing them, they will definitely make it an issue, so TBD in my top four).

Regarding the group date, this was clearly one of those situations that was meant to cause controversy and drama. I have watched this show long enough to know that producers know exactly what they are doing with each and every scene we see.

Sienne did also blow me away, I didn’t really notice her the first episode but she is seriously beautiful and so damn smart. If I were her I’d be gunning for more camera time and thinking about my future off of The Bachelor and not about Arie at all.

He barely finished high school and she went to Yale. H e said it himself. She’s too good for him.

Other call outs:

Chelsea finally disclosed that she has a son and made it pretty clear that she feels like her time is more important than the other ladies.

Does anyone else feel like Tia is starting to come off as a (for lack of a better term) lower budget JoJo? Maybe it’s the highlights, maybe it’s her face, but she just gives me serious JoJo vibes and that’s literally all I’m really getting from her so far.

Brittany T. is concussed. Hoping she’s ok, but she still held her own and laughed it off which I think is the best thing you can do in this situation.

Finally, SOMEONE PLEASE GET BIBIANA LOCKED DOWN FOR PARADISE. This girl is fire and contributing to the drama so I definitely think she has a future with the franchise.

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