the one with the bachelor nation filler episode

Ok you guys, this week’s podcast is all about happiness, reconciliation and to be continued’s.

While The Bachelorette didn’t deserve a recap on the pod this week, that’s because they already did it for us, FOR THE WHOLE SEASON, on this week’s episode. Essentially word on the street is that programming got pushed back a week for The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise so they needed to record some filler – cue the FRIENDS style flashback episode for half on this week’s Bachelorette.

Either way we did get lots of Bachelor Nation news including wtf happened with Jed’s current or ex-girlfriend (tbd) coming forward to share that they slept together the night before he left for the show.

We also get some happy news around Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, A Very Sussex Father’s Day, Angelina Jolie’s new job and a humorous anecdote with Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.

Now that I’m writing out this review I realized a lot happened this week (yes, there’s more than what’s recapped above) so make sure you listen to this week’s episode, subscribe HERE and while you’re at it, Rate and Review Ya, We’re Basic. with FIVE STARS!

Much love for listening and can’t wait to update on the to-be-continued stories next week!

Until then, MAKE GOOD CHOICES xx!

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