babe likes figure skating.

i started a post the night of the males finals skating:

i am here. trying to enjoy an evening of suspense & mystique. i just want to feel the performance and live it up. but no, babe is here (because its his condo) and he has to chirp about every male figure skater on the ice. seriously i didn’t know you worked for RDS, your mum is french correct? tsk tsk tsk.

this had to end there that night because of serious haha’s occuring and the lateness factor and perhaps the few brews from beer bistro eh? if i had to finish it though, babe continued this week to provide the perfect evidence to build a fantastic post, whilst prove my case insofacto that despite all reservations, babe likes figure skating.

evidence uno:
babe would be so “sweet” as to stay up with me and watch gossip girl on SUNDAYS at 11pm, even though he had work and i had school back in 08-09 (holla) and ask me backgrounders Q’s throughout, comment and also remind me for the next week. clearly this is not the attitude of someone who does not enjoy the trials and tribulations of the upper east side, or i don’t know, FIGURE SKATING.

evidence deux:
we watched the proposal after the US-Canada loss.

evidence three:
there is a spoiler alert going on right now because the following group work E involves one but is too haha to not share. This E was sent to my friendships and babe. evidence uno:

lex: ali is the new bach-ette…Reality Steve just confirmed

babe: Wait the girl that went home because her “job” wouldn’t let her?? If that’s the girl then I think he knew he wanted to pick her a few eps in and that’s why he started dishing off girls 2 at a time when he only had to kick off one girl per ep. This was their way of making it more dramatic… Or “Reality Steve” works for the network and is playing mind games. Why the hell am I even writing this like I care about the show?

i don’t know babe. why are you writing like you care about the show…this only confirms my belief that you secretly openly love girly tv shows and solely pretend to have a hate on because “society” tells you to!


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