the one with the arielle charnas deep dive

Note: I had audio issues in the beginning of this episode so apologies it’s echo-y but I think I fixed it.

Ok team nothing too much to say here so I’m just going to get to the point. This week’s episode we break it down like so: TV reviews and recaps (think: Outerbanks, RHOBH, RHONY, Defending Jacob), homework shows: The Jonas Bros Happiness Continues and Never Have I Ever. We sum up that I watch way too much TV since I forgot to review shows I already watched this past weekend but meh what tf else is there to do?!

Then we shift to some Hot Goss, our new segment where we recap the celebrity news of the past week (yes this includes Kristin Cavalleri and Jay Cutler’s divorce and all the bebe news).

Finally if you want to skip ahead to the end you will get the FULL ARIELLE CHARNAS DEEP DIVE. I am taking you through the whole story: who Arielle is, why she’s so famous and her brand, Something Navy. Then we get into the entire drama around her Covid-19 diagnosis, heading to the Hamptons, her husband’s reaction online and the crisis redemption tour she’s currently on right now. I go deep so sorry this episode is longer than others…but you asked for it and I wanted to deliver.

So that’s that. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast, rate it five stars and leave a dang review if you enjoyed today’s episode.

I’ll see you next week. love you, mean it, ok bye.

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