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Spring is finally here in the city! I am loving the longer days and the sunshine makes my hectic schedule a little more pleasant. It has been bare bones on the blog and that’s due to the face I have recently moved from my place in the city back north for a month. I’m in the process of finding a new place and admittedly my day job, a long distance relationship and trying to move and find a new home has left me pooched and something had to give.

I am truly looking forward to my time at home and it hasn’t been long but I am already noticing a benefit from being here. There’s something serene in not feeling like I must attend every event or social gathering that I typically say yes to, as everything’s just around the corner when you live in the middle of the city. I know how often I say this but I always feel like I need to getaway and recharge my batteries and what better place to go than home?

I’m hoping this vanity doesn’t wear off but I know I eventually have to head back downtown on my own (wahh I want my mumsie). As this is the simplest of facts, it was nice to recently discover a holistic oasis within the city at Chi Junky. Chi Junky is a wellness centre and private yoga studio in Toronto. I was lucky to visit for a one-on-one tour with owner, Rachelle Wintzen and discovered so much about my health and the importance of taking the time to care for yourself.


Rachelle took me through Iridology, which is a non-invasive tool that allows you to discover health flaws and features through the eyes. It was incredible to see what was working well and what could improve in my body, simply by viewing patterns and colours in my iris. I am happy to report that so far things look pretty good but there was definitely room for improvement and Rachelle helped me put together a plan to ensure that I work towards fixing certain aspects of my health.

If you’re in the city I suggest you stop by and chat with one of the lovely Junkys. I feel great about the changes I’ve made and look forward to seeing the benefits even further as I continue down a happier and healthier path this spring.

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    EP Fitness Trainer
    May 30, 2015 at 12:33 pm

    As this is the simplest of facts, it was nice to recently discover a holistic oasis within the city at Chi Junky.

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