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#3yeargoals – Final Thoughts


Happy Monday little ones!

I swear I had such a relaxing weekend where I filled my time with cooking, long walks with the pup, a delicious vodka martini (extra dirty of course) or two and some volunteer work! It was the most productive weekend I’ve had in a while, in part to not having any major social commitments and also since I’m not returning from or traveling to the States.

I honestly feel like I’m the most settled I’ve been at home in a long time. It’s kind of a v nice feeling though I’m sure the travel bug will bite me soon enough! img_6203-copy

The more I write this year and start to reflect on the fact that we’re headed into the last quarter of 2016 (wahhh!) I realized that it has been a lot about setting goals for me. I can’t say for certain that I’ve achieved a ton in 2016 but I have certainly set the foundation to begin putting things in motion and I am just excited to keep my head down and continue working hard.

Last week, I did a little recap of my #3yeargoals and with today being World Contraception Day I thought it was timely to share a few fun facts but also get serious about how we can best protect ourselves despite being so busy and forward-focused. I for one did not know that contraception only became decriminalized in Canada in 1969…like whatttt were people doing before that and why was protecting oneself so taboo?!

I also did a little research and found that on average women miss 2.6 birth control pills per cycle. I am definitely guilty of skipping a day (or doubling up, sorry Dr. B) or taking the pill at the wrong time of day. It is so hard with such a busy schedule to remember one more thing and I know it should seem so simple or routine but sometimes you just simply forget! Which is why I think it’s really important to highlight that there are new, more advanced birth control innovations. Ones that are long-lasting, non-daily options and I am really eager to learn more about these so that I can be certain I’m always covered. I think a non-daily option might be a good choice for like-minded ladies and me, as I said above, sometimes we just forget and the anxiety that can be associated with that is tremendous. I just want to focus on creating quality content and doing good work in my professional life, so I definitely don’t need one more thing to worry about!

img_6177-copySo there it is…I clearly have plans for my plans and the goals I’ve set out for the next three years are underway but like I’ve mentioned in every post, life can throw you crazy curveballs and roadblocks at every turn. I want to encourage you to commit to what you’ve set out to do but if starting a family isn’t in the short-term for you then get on board with me and ensure that you have a good plan in place and that you have all the facts when it comes to your body and your health. Feel free to check out birthcontrolforme.ca for more information and FAQs!

Future you will thank you and hey if they want to thank me too, I’m always ok with that!

Have a great week, xx!

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