3 Moves to a Better Body

SS1_5788I know I keep harping on it, but after this past weekend’s craziness I am totes looking forward to a chill week where my number one priority is relaxing and working out!

I recently teamed up with Eva Redpath of Equinox Toronto, to go through a few moves I can do at home or at the gym to ensure I’m getting a great total body workout. I love Eva, she’s a fitness fashionista but she’s also pretty freaking great at helping women achieve a healthy, feminine figure. I’m totally obsessed with the Glider she uses in the video below, it’s become a major go-to for my workouts (but as she mentions in the video below, all you need is a towel to substitute).

In my latest YouTube video, she takes me through 3 Moves to a Better Body and I love adding in this easy-to-follow workout after a quick cardio day at the gym.


For those of you who asked, my workout gear is from Lululemon but I just received these sweet new cross trainers from Puma and I am loving them as my new workout footwear.
SS1_5782 SS1_5798SS1_5773massive thank you to Eva, Mark and Equinox Toronto, for having me and showing me some brilliant better body moves the past couple weeks.

If you ever have any fitness questions please email me @ imalittle(dot)blog(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment on my Instagram @LEXNIKO

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