28-Day Lemon Water Challenge for Weight Loss

Ok you guys, today we’re going to talk about lemon water. Because when life hands you lemons, you say, “Hey girl, I do want to detox my body.”

I’m sure half of you just rolled you eyes and thought, “Sounds boring.” or you’ve tried this for a few days and gave up with little result.

Well ladies, I’m here to reel you back in.

I’ve read into the benefits and I’m not here to give you a get-skinny quick scheme like the egg fast experience.

This one you’ve got to commit to for the long haul!

Starting September 1st (or September 5th if you want to take in one last long weekend) we are kicking off the 28-day lemon water challenge.

28-day Lemon Water Challenge

The challenge is simple.

Drink 2-cups of lemon water for 28 days straight. It’s recommended that you use organic lemons, but nobody’s judging y’all so let’s relax.

You’ll need to have about a 1/2 cup of lemon juice (about half a lemon) per day within those 2 cups.

That’s literally it. The water can be hot or cold or anywhere in between.

I enjoy mine room temperature in the AM which is when I’ll be literally, drinking this all in.

Figured I’d start trying to consume a big glass once a day, with my vitamins to keep to my routine.

I bought a lemon squeezer to help me with this challenge and make it a little easier to get a full squeeze from my fruit.

This one here is super durable, I’m already quasi-obsessed with it. You get every. last. drop. from it which I love since I cringe at wasting food.

I know it’s a little pricey but if you’re going to go all-in then I am telling you get this squeezer on Prime so that we can all start the challenge together!

I wanted to trial a “health myth” that was slightly more realistic than eating eggs for three days straight and put all of these benefits to the real test.

So What Are These Benefits?

  1. Clearer Skin
  2. Less Stomach Bloat
  3. Improved Immune System
  4. Weight Loss Warrior
  5. #CurrentMood Booster

I’ll be monitoring my progress every week (either here or on my Insta Stories) and please feel free to do the same.

I NEED US TO BE IN THIS TOGETHER! 28-days doesn’t sound long but I promise you it is.

So let’s lift each other up, push each other when times get rough and own up to mistakes (if we skip a day) and get back on track.

Can’t wait to see and share my results!

Tell me, will you join my 28-day lemon water challenge?!


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