2019 Goals

Well well well what a year it has been?!

It was definitely one of self-discovery and one where dove in and I took risks, hit the bottom of the deep end and somehow managed to get back up again.

It’s funny because despite it being one of the most difficult and emotionally challenging years of my life, it was absolutely also one of the most life-changing and focused too.

I’m grateful for the decisions I made, the mistakes that taught me important lessons and the continued growth I’ve experienced from both.

Heading in to 2019, I want to take everything I learned this past year and continue to drill down and focus on how to build upon and embraced change and challenges alike.

So without further reserve, this year’s goal-setting was all about Investing in Your Impact.

I realized that it takes work for me to be able to present the best version of myself but in putting in that work, I’m able to share so much more candidly and genuinely with all of you. So I want to continue to grow in that space and get comfortable with the work. I’ve laid our six things I have on the brain for 2019 and all relate to how what I do can better impact myself and the people around me aka all of YOU!

Be more consistent with fitness

I actually have to pat myself on the back because I got really good at fitness toward the end of this year. I made it a priority, I invested in my workout classes vs eating/going out and I focused on feeling strong mentally and physically instead of the number on the scale. I want to maintain that momentum as I head in to 2019 and continue to make fitness a priority. I am always of the mindset of knowing when my body needs a break but too often early last year would I let those breaks turn in to weeks with no physical activity. I don’t want any of that in 2019 so consistency is going on the goal board.

Put on a live podcast / meet-up

I’ve already hinted at this one a few times through Instagram Stories but so many of us have been having amazing conversations online and it’s time that we hit each other up in real life. It’s going to be quite the undertaking but I’m going to put the energy I have in to making it happen and it’s something I’m determined to check off my list in early 2019.

Develop a better relationship with food

So fitness is covered. I am one of those weirdos that truly enjoys a good sweat. It just makes me feel good. But you know what else makes me feel good? An order of Chicken McNuggets and a pepperoni pizza. I don’t have the best relationship with food. People get blackout drunk, well I get blackout fed. I don’t know why I am so obsessed with consuming bad foods, and not at any point of moderation. I’m not saying this as a negative and I’m lucky that I’m not seeing any backlash in my health but I want to be better with food, eat better to fuel my body the way my workouts fuel my mind. So understanding why I am the way I am and making positive changes in my eating habits is what I’m striving in 2019.

Get organized at home

“I’m a mess!” – Legit my quote of 2018 when it comes to home organization. I moved back home and now am on the lookout for a new home of my own and when I do, I am firm with my intention of getting organized and staying organized. I think I’ve evolved to the point where I know my flaws and despite being a Virgo, home organization is not my forte. I am the girl with the clothes pile chair in her bedroom. No bueno. I can stand to take a little more time to be better about my surroundings at home and I want to make this the biggest priority for the new year.

Take myself on a monthly date

Ok I kind of already do this with my solo movie dates but I want to actually stick to treating myself once a month to some joyful me time. Whether it’s even just staying home and catching up on my TV stories or going to the spa, I want a day or night to myself where I’m offline and in tune with me and only me. And as an caveat to this goal, I do need to get better about going on actual dates so I’ll try to pepper those in too lol. HELP A GIRL OUT!

Invest in a business

I have spent so much time and energy investing inward and building these amazing brands over the past seven years. But I also know that you have to diversify your portfolio and expand beyond your comfort zone. This year I really want to focus on saving and then using some of those funds to invest in a business or project outside of my day-to-day work. In addition to that, I also want to be able to invest my time and help others who could use the mentoring. Perhaps it’s someone who wants to start a blog or something looking to develop a brand. Any way you cut it, I have experience and resources to share from them and I’d like to be able to do more of that. Also, this is something that’s completely new to me, so I’m not sure how this will go or if an opportunity will present itself, but the learning and research that will go into this goal will be enticing enough to at least get me started and that is really exciting!

So that’s it! What are you thoughts? Do you think these are realistic? Achievable? Measurable?

Are there any opportunities for growth that I may be missing?

Let me know and also let me know what you’re planning for the new year. I’d love to hear more!

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