10 Things I Learned At Coachella

So I have been gone for a minute and now I’m back.

And what comes with being back? SO MUCH INFORMATION!

That’s right, I am ready to share all about my travels, starting with the one + only COACHELLA!

Coachella was a mammoth of an adventure. What the heck do I mean?

Well for starters, there is a lot to do, in not a huge amount of time.

I’ve rounded out my list of 10 Things I Learned at Coachella, to help you navigate your way next year.

1. Have a schedule

Here’s the thing: During Weekend One there’s a healthy offering of parties and the festival. You definitely need to have a schedule if you plan on doing both. For example, Friday I went to events and Saturday I hit up the festival in the evening and Sunday went during the afternoon. You 100% cannot do it all, so I suggest you make the hard decisions or if you’re boujee, go back Weekend Two to take in what you couldn’t of the festival Weekend One (there are no brand parties Weekend Two).

2. Stick with your tribe

Cell reception is low to nadda on the festival grounds and in the desert in general. It is going to be really tough to find your friends if you lose them (I know this from experience since I lost my friends for like two hours fml sorry guys). It was near impossible to meet up with my blog friends, so know that who you go with is who you need to leave with and likely the peeps that you’re going to be with for the duration of your time on the grounds.

3. Drink all the water

Seriously. It is SO easy to get dehydrated in the desert. Between the parties and alcoholic drinks, to the festival grounds, you’re on the go all day long, so you really need to check yourself and make sure that you’re taking care. Staying hydrated helps you while you’re running around and will ward off any illness that you will inevitably come across post festival.

4. Dress in layers

Day to night is key. Actually though. It is sunny and hot hot hot during the day and then the temperature drops and you need your layers. I would way rather carry a jacket during the day than risk being cold at night. One of my gfs didn’t think this through and was freezing the night of Neon Carnival (an outdoor event, Saturday night after the festival). Think about ways you can layer with a cute aesthetic – a jean jacket always works or a fun flannel.

5. Pick a purse that works

Thank goodness fannies are in man. They were my go-to over the weekend, along with a cross-body bag that would not quit. You don’t want a bag that’s too big, but you need one that can fit your must-haves. Think: makeup, money, ID, phone, sunnies, gum. You want a bag that works with multiple outfits so stick to neutrals and one that you know won’t bug you while you’re on the move.

6. Transportation is e v e r y t h i n g

Like actually everything. Whether you’re driving from events and not drinking, or even to the festival – you need to carve out time for getting from point A to B. Also, if you’re using Uber or Lyft then you really need to add time for the ride to arrive and then for the actual ride to your next destination. We had countless rides cancel on us, if we even got reception to order one when we were actually ready to leave. Just know this going in, be patient and feel confident that you’ll get to where you need to go eventually.

7. Charge your phone battery!

I was IN LOVE with my Google Pixel 2 because the battery life was so slick. I legit did not need to charge the dang thing for like 32 hours but I made sure that when it was running low I plugged that puppy in. With the fast-charger you can get up to 7 hours in a 15 minute charge and I needed that to ensure that I did not risk a dead battery once we finally did get service. Some more tips on how to preserve battery: turn your brightness down, batch your Insta Stories and post them later on wifi, close your apps and only call/text when you actually need to (you’re at Coachella, PAY ATTENTION AND ENJOY!).

8. Focus on hair over makeup

What do I mean by this? Well you want to look cute right? Coachella is obviously about your lewks as much as it is about the music. But like I said, it’s hot, you’re out all day and you want to worry about the layers on your body, not on your face. So how do you make a statement with your beauty? That’s where your hair comes in baby. Think about ways to play up your hair with braids, hair gems and half up/half down accents that will outlast your day with the use of hairspray and texturizing spray. This is a lot easier to maintain and way more comfortable than trying to worry about your makeup rubbing off on a stranger in the inevitable rush of getting from stage to stage.

9. Wear comfortable shoes

Need I speak to this in more detail? I can and I WILL – you’re out ALL DAY. I cannot stress that enough, so cute shoes that are comfortable need to take priority in your packing. I prefer booties that I’ve broken in because I like a closed toe in the event that I got stepped on in the crowd. I’m a tiny little person, I can’t risk it getting stomped! What I did this year is look for trends during NYFW (this year I was all about cowboy) and bought boots early on to ensure that they were broken in and ready for festival season. Pick your poison of which trend you’re going for, start with the shoes and work your way up.


Like for real. It is a world of it’s own and one that is magical and mystical. You get to experience this crossroad between pop and culture, celebrity and entertainment and not only experience, but you’re a part of it too. So take it in. Take your photos (all of mine were taken on the Google Pixel 2) and then take your moment. You put all this effort in to getting there, so be there, in the moment. Enjoy your tribe, enjoy the festival and enjoy yourself.

I hope you enjoy my little tips and that when you’re planning for festivals like Coachella and beyond, you take all of the above into consideration.

And if you went to Coachella, tell me, what was your favorite part of the experience?!

*This post was in partnership with Google Canada. All opinions and tips are my own. Thank you as always for supporting partnered content.

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