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    the one where #blacklivesmatter

    this needs no introduction. i don’t know everything but i know that i am changing and a part of that is sharing my journey of self-reflection with the hope that it may inspire someone else to do the same. i am trying to do to be better, learn and grow. i will make mistakes in the process and i accept the responsibility and criticism that comes with it. i come from a place of privilege which i recognize now and want…

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    the one with call her daddy

    This week’s episode hardly needs an introduction. After the sh*tshow that was the Call Her Daddy / Barstool drama I dive into exactly what happened between Sofia, Dave and Alexandra based on their…

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    the one with the harry and meghan deep dive

    This week’s episode barely needs an introduction: It’s a Harry and Meghan Deep Dive. From early 2016, we take a look back at their relationship history, the courtship, the ups and…

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    the one with cuo-RANT-ine and recaps

    Wow week two in a row of the podcast my consistency is off the charts. this week I’m recapping my experience watching all the Marvel movies over two weekends, then diving…

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    the one where peter listens to this heart

    On this week’s podcast episode we address where the hell I’ve been, and why I started up the podcast again – hello quarantine – and then dive straight into business. First…

  • Relationships

    The Importance of Saying No

    It’s been a minute since I’ve written a personal post and I felt compelled to put pen to paper about the importance of saying No for some reason. It’s been a…