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    the one where lily and clare step out

    let’s discuss: wowowow lily james, dominic west had an alleged affair or was it an affair if his wife was cool upon his return home? and where the heck is chris evans on IG. we do a quick recap on the Great British Bake Off and paul hollywood’s romantic endeavours and break down exactly my understanding of what is happening in Artsakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan. lastly, i do a late night recap of The Bachelorette premiere and give my…

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    the one that’s a freestyle

    this week’s episode is quick and dirty because sometimes life comes at ya and you just need to do your best. i am telling you all about a fun event that’s…

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    the one with my first guest

    wow. we’ve hit a milestone! entering the Top 100 Charts and the little podcast that could COULD NOT do it without you. THANK YOU!!! and for the first time ever i…

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    the one with the notorious rbg

    i know the title is deceiving but this is not a deep dive. it’s a mini dive on RBG and we touch on ellen’s return to the ellen show and i…

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    the one all about my career

    “hey you guys! thank you so much for your patience while i waited to announce my “secret project” I’m so happy to finally en able to the share the secret of…

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    the one with your most requested updates

    oh wow so this week we dive right into the big stories and more importantly THE UPDATES. we’re talking finding freedom, jessica mulroney, ghislaine maxwell, kelley and peter and selling sunset.…

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    the one with ellen’s deep dive

    it’s the ellen degeneres deep dive. AND THANK YOU FOR 10,000 DOWNLOADS!!! do i need to say more? what i will add is that we do not touch on conspiracy theories…

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    the one about tayshia and tiktok

    ya ok so this week’s episode goes off the rails. i tried really hard to not make things political, to speak about tiktok from a technological standpoint and angle what’s happening in…