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    the one that’s generous

    i go a full almost 30 minutes without talking about myself. honestly you’re welcome lol. today we get into kanye’s hollywood unlocked interview with jason lee, a dash of julia fox and some of the struggles i’ve been having with the current celebrity zeitgeist. let’s discuss how it impacts our faves like the kardashians, seb stan, and even chris evens plus we talk through a few of my recent tv recs that you need to be watching. please enjoy and…

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    the one with jamie lynn spears

    ok so i am full of energy today which leads to an unhinged and overly positive POV me moment. then we dive into Ye, Julia Fox, and all the kids birthday…

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    the one with julia and ye

    this episode needs no introduction really. i go in on why i actually believe these two are a match made in yeezy heaven and why they’re more of a collab than…

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    the first one of 2022

    and we are back! ok kicking off 2022 with a little POV me and what i got up to [or didn’t get up to] over the holidays. plus i take you…

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    the last one of 2021

    i can’t even believe i’m writing this title. it feels like 2 seconds ago i was recording the first episode of the year. and before i get today’s shownotes let me…

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    the one on a slow news day

    with the american thanksgiving holiday you might say it was a slow news day slash week. i recap my personal crush list, date nights and how i spent my first thanksgiving…

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    the one on thanksgiving

    ok this week we dive right in to pov me: we have done a lot of celebestie spotting, rubbing elbows and run-ins, so let’s recap what’s happened over the last two…

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    the one about astroworld

    ok i’ll keep this brief: we discuss high level conversation on astroworld but i genuinely believe this one might warrant a deep dive as a whole. it’s alarming the culture that…

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    the one where shooter’s back!

    the man, the myth, the big friendly giant legend: my friend stephen is back giving us all the dating advice, talking dating app hygiene and answering your questions from instagram. it’s…

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    the one with a lot of updates

    ok this is a long pov me episode: we got egg freezing updates, i tell you all about my dating life and we dive into what it means to start this…