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    the one where we back

    it’s been three weeks. THREE WEEKS without recording a new pod ep and i missed you. we are back and there’s much to discuss so we get a little bit chaotic which you know i love. i give you the rundown on my E! experience and how i got there, catch up on my current awards season/fashion week faves and ofc go OFF on the batman, it’s dynamic duo (zoe and rpatz) and give you ample warning to use the…

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    the one with the FAQs

    ok this week’s episode is a little diff. ofc we discuss riri’s bebe news and why i think her announcement approach actually aligns with what i was saying on last week’s…

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    the one that’s generous

    i go a full almost 30 minutes without talking about myself. honestly you’re welcome lol. today we get into kanye’s hollywood unlocked interview with jason lee, a dash of julia fox…

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    the one with jamie lynn spears

    ok so i am full of energy today which leads to an unhinged and overly positive POV me moment. then we dive into Ye, Julia Fox, and all the kids birthday…

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    the one with julia and ye

    this episode needs no introduction really. i go in on why i actually believe these two are a match made in yeezy heaven and why they’re more of a collab than…

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    the first one of 2022

    and we are back! ok kicking off 2022 with a little POV me and what i got up to [or didn’t get up to] over the holidays. plus i take you…

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    the last one of 2021

    i can’t even believe i’m writing this title. it feels like 2 seconds ago i was recording the first episode of the year. and before i get today’s shownotes let me…

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    the one on a slow news day

    with the american thanksgiving holiday you might say it was a slow news day slash week. i recap my personal crush list, date nights and how i spent my first thanksgiving…

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    the one on thanksgiving

    ok this week we dive right in to pov me: we have done a lot of celebestie spotting, rubbing elbows and run-ins, so let’s recap what’s happened over the last two…